Marine Engineering Services

At Aven Premier International Ltd. we provide diversified solutions to help our clients in managing their operational requirements for marine and dredging projects. Our policy includes Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ); and the Zero Harm to People, Environment, and Assets. Our Marine Engineering Works services include the following:

Bathymetry /Seismic Survey

We offer complete solutions for on-shore, near-shore and transitional zone hydrographic and geophysical surveys and geotechnical investigations. We have comprehensive skills sets and experience encompassing land, marine, engineering, mining, geophysical, geotechnical and AUV Projects.

We have established a strong hydrographic survey capability which includes high-resolution multibeam surveys, single-beam bathymery, side-scan imaging, sub-bottom pro ling, and magnetometer surveys.

2D & 3D Survey

Diving Solutions(Certified Divers)

  • Specialized in sonars, survey software, magnetometers, positioning systems, gyros, and motion sensors.

  • Environmental monitoring and forecasting.

  • Data buoys and telemetry systems.

  • Fisheries research support.

  • Certified divers, diving gears and equipment.

  • DSV saturation systems.

  • Portable saturation systems.

  • HRF systems.

  • Containerized units.

  • Launch and recovery

Current and Tide Measurement

Underwater Security Systems

​We identify and install the most convenient underwater security system and devices.

  • Integrated System.

  • Site Survey.

  • Coverage.

  • Barrier.

  • Sensor specs.

  • Integration.

  • Control Centre.

We are able to undertake current and tide measurement works in addition to Hydrographic Survey works

Port construction and rehabilitation works

Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring Systems

We have the requisite technical and human capacity to undertake even the most demanding harbour construction and repair works. This includes construction and maintenance of berths and rumps, installation and maintenance of cranes, as well as the installation of communication and container tracking systems.

  • The best solution for oil recovery specialists, combining oil spill detection with hydrographical data   extraction to optimize prevention and cleaning operation.

  • The outstanding sensitivity of the SeaDarQ software allows detecting oil spill from the sea surface clutter even with a very weak breeze.

Environement Monitoring Systems

These services are grouped into:



Marine Supply Services

  • Automatic Weather Stations.

  • Coastal Observing Systems.

  • Offshore Platform Based Systems.

  • Synoptic Observation.

  • Unified Data Collection system.

  • Climatological Database System.

  • Numerical Weather Prediction.

  • Weather Studio and IMS Model Suite.

  • Web Publishing.

  • Tide & Met Stations.

  • Water Quality Monitoring Stations.

  • Marine Data Buoys.

  • Monitoring Station on Offshore Platforms.

Supply and installation of Floating Jetty

We specialize in supply and installation of Floating Jetty in sea / Lake Condition.

 Floating Jetty have an inherent advantage over Fixed Jetty as detailed below:

  • Cheaper and easier to install

  • Less Time consuming

  • Can be relocated with changes in water level in East African Lake condition

Supply of Specialised Boats and Marine Crafts

We supply specialised boats and marine crafts to our clients.  Our team has the expertise and the proven network of resources to ensure proper handling and shipping of your boat, through containerised boat shipping or Roll on/Roll of (RORO) boat shipping.

The boats on offer include the following:

  • Freshwater Fishing Boats.

  • Sailboats.

  • Saltwater Fishing Boats.

  • Speed Boats.

  • Patrol Boats.

  • Trawlers.

  • Water Sports Boats.

Marine Survey Solutions

  • Specialized in Sonars,Survey software, Magnetometers, Positioning systems, Gyros, Motion sensors etc.

  • Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting

  • Data Buoys and Telemetry Systems

  • Fisheries Research Support

  • Experienced team – installation, set-up, calibration,

  • Maintenance and training

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