At Aven Premier, we have specialized experienced team of personnel’s to undertake provision and management of Life support facilities in difficult and remote locations in East Africa.

Hotel,Conference and Catering Management Services

At this point, we are already providing quality Hotel and conference facilities in places like Mogadishu, Baidoa for last 6 years.

We have our own experienced team of personnel for set up of Life support facilities (MOSS Compliant – if needed) in such remote and difficult locations. We have complete logistics set up already operating and providing such services in Somalia.


Catering Services

Conference Services

Car Hire

Waste Disposal Services

We  are  a  full-service waste  transportation,  disposal, and   field Services  Company  recognized  for   our   technical  expertise, commitment to  safety, and  dedication to  the  protection of  our  clients’  long-term liability.  With comprehensive experience and skilled environmental professionals, we provide high-quality service teamed with a network of nationally recognized disposal facilities to offer efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solutions to waste management problems.

Our range of waste disposal services includes:

  • Field Sampling.

  • Waste Characterization.

  • Disposal Paperwork Completion and Management.

  • Small Quantity Chemical (Lab-Pack) Management.

  • High Hazard Project Management.

  • Waste   Profiling and Analysis.

  • Bulk and  Containerized Liquid and Solid  Hazardous Waste

  • Disposal.

  • Treatment of Maritime Waste.

  • Treatment of Slop Water.

  • Waste Water from Oil Production.

  • Waste Water from Refineries.

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