About Us

Aven Premier International Ltd. is a leading multi-dimensional business entity that delivers high quality and affordable solutions to customers in Somalia, the wider East Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. In order to better serve the aforementioned markets, we have offices in Mogadishu, Nairobi, Dubai and London. Over the years, we have consistently exceeded customer expectations in delivering even the most complicated projects, goods and services within the set timelines, quality standards, and budgets.

Our Core Values

  1. Professionalism

  2. Integrity

  3. Accountability

  4. Reliability

Vision Statement

To be the most reputable provider of diverse professional services in general construction, supplies, hospitality, logistics and agriculture in the Horn of Africa and neighbouring regions.

Mission Statement

To exceed customer expectations by tailoring our services and products to t customers’ current requirements, while anticipating their future needs. We accomplish this by putting at clients’ disposal our core resources of global technical expertise, nances, as well as quality management systems.

Corporate Objective

To provide sound engineering works using creative and innovative approaches for timely, cost-effective and high quality jobs and projects to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Philosophy

To listen keenly to a customer’s expectations as well as using our project teams to design and implement client projects and deliver services in a professional and accountable manner.


API has a wealth of experience in delivering projects on time and within client budgets. Using our extensive experience we have designed and implemented construction assignments in the areas of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, urban infrastructural development, water supply systems, sanitation systems, prefabricated buildings, force protection and containerized modules. We deliver projects/jobs drawing heavily from our experienced and versatile personnel. We have developed a reputation of delivering quality projects using innovative approaches to problem solving and conflict management in projects.

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